Peace Of Mind with Every Bite: Food Safety and Hygiene Tips for Stress-Free Christmas/End-Of-Year Catering

We all know that COVID-19 is a bad dream for most of us. The social distancing, separate eating and meal boxes highlighted something really important.

Food safety and hygiene need to be attained, always!

From my experience, these are the things to avoid and implement this year. 

Grazing tables Char Baby

Grazing Tables

Yes, grazing tables are great and perfect for winter and perfect for air-conditioned enclosed rooms. Please do not do it outside in the middle of summer, even if under a marque or deck. Platter foods like cheese, small goods, and smoked salmon all swelter in an Australian summer and attract flies, so it is best to keep one under cover and in the cool.

While we are on the topic of sharing and platter-style food, serving spoons, forks, and tongs is essential, even for nuts, crisps, or lollies in a bowl. If possible, discuss with your caterer and have small individual portions to discourage double dipping.


It is best to use a simple utensil that allows the food to go from bowl to napkin or hand. You wouldn’t eat out of your co-worker’s hand, so you don’t want all of their hands in that bowl of peanuts, do you?

If there are enough resources, provide small plates and utensils for each guest rather than having shared items.

Food Safety And Feasting Tables

Buffets and feasting tables are a fantastic opportunity to create a glorious food theme that says “THANK YOU” to your guests. They are filled with choice and the ability for your guests to scoop up as much or as little as they want.

But when it’s ready, it’s time to start, especially in summer.

The food safety holding limit is 2 hours. On a hot summer’s day over 32C, it is down to an hour, 15 – 20 minutes more maybe, if the conditions are right.

Discuss food service timing with your caterer to save yourself from running around with a thermometer and a watch gauging every item’s temperature. Decide on when foods are to go out – is it when the presentation or gift-giving is on? Also, have a clear plan for what you want to do with your leftovers so everyone can stay safe and enjoy the party.

As you prepare for your holiday parties and events, keep these food safety tips in mind. Char Baby is ready to help you host a spectacular and safe Christmas/end-of-year celebration this year. Our new Christmas menu and professional staff will ensure your guests can indulge worry-free.

Check out our holiday offerings and book our services. If you need a custom menu, email [email protected] or phone Nicole on 0458 765 404. We look forward to making this your best end-of-year party yet with outstanding food, service, and presentation that exceeds your expectations. Let us handle the details – you focus on celebrating!

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