Menu Matters: Menus to Make Your Party Shine at Any Time of Day

If it’s not in your everyday realm, it’s hard to know what menu works best with a time of day. From my 30 years of food service experience, here are my thoughts that may help you out this hot summery Christmas to get the most out of your catering experience.

A Christmas Menu to Make Your Tastebuds Jingle!

Prawn christmas menu

The festive season is a time for celebrating with delicious food and drinks. Char Baby makes it super easy this year, giving “a little twinkle” to cherished classics of holiday feasting.

Wrap up Your Christmas Stress – We’ve Got You Covered!

Christmas/end of year event catering cupcakes

I think Christmas/end-of-year event, with early preparation and organisation, can be as enjoyable as your first sip of champagne or morning latte. And here is your “starting template” while you finish the glass; 5 minutes is all it takes.