Wrap up Your Christmas Stress – We’ve Got You Covered!

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A couple of clients have asked me about the free cupcakes offer! All you need to do is book your event in with a deposit by the 31st of October. The offer is open to any onsite catered event, either lunch, dinner, stand-up feasting or one of our beautiful feasting tables.

Another week that’s skipped us by. Suddenly, every store displays long-lasting treats like fruit mince pies, buckets of star-shaped pretzels and reindeer gingerbread.

No tinsel yet… that’s when you know things are getting serious!

Truthfully, I have done all my Christmas shopping.

It is not a competition, my friends. It’s just for me as a caterer; the festive season gets hectic, and the present shopping goes from gift with love and thought to gift of desperation and panic! Both ways, the non-thought and preparation shows!

So, I think Christmas/end-of-year event, with early preparation and organisation, can be as enjoyable as your first sip of champagne or morning latte.

And here is your “starting template” while you finish the glass; 5 minutes is all it takes.

event catering

Have you asked the appropriate person for a budget?

To get things rolling, you need to figure out your budget. Outline your plans and gather relevant information about the event. Then, approach the designated decision-maker, who can be an easy overall figure that includes GST. It could be your boss or someone from your organisation’s finance department; ensure they have the authority to allocate funds for such events.

Who is the party for?

Is it all active work colleagues, or are family invited? To create an unforgettable celebration during this magical time of year, you want to make sure everyone feels welcome and included. The key to that? Create an atmosphere that embodies warmth and joy.

How many are on the guest list?

You want to ensure that you have an accurate count of how many people will be attending so that you can plan everything accordingly. The guest list influences the size and location of your venue. It ensures you can make enough food and drinks available for every guest. Your budget can also determine this: is it tight and needs to be only active work colleagues?

CharBaby catering event

What is the best venue for the group that suits your style, guest requirements and budget?

A venue can be your existing workspace, and it can be a park, your boss’ house, an event space, the beach or gardens such as Roma Street Parkland. It could also be a charter boat or a team-building activity such as a bounce, lawn bowls club, axe throwing site, shooting range, golf course, go-kart track or day spa. The choice is endless, but it needs to suit the guests.

What is the event duration?

You want to ensure your guests have ample time to enjoy all the festive cheer without feeling rushed or bored. From experience, the golden number is 4. Get a feel for how long your guests may want to stay. If in doubt, stick to 4 hrs maximum

Have you taken care of the basics?

Set the basics before the flair – food, water, shelter. Ensure there is something for everyone to eat. Dietary requirements, allergies, religion and culture all influence what people eat. Always have plenty of water available, and if you’re an outdoor event, think about where the shaded area will be.

How much catering should you order?

Keeping your guests well-fed and satisfied is paramount. I always say to clients, “Imagine your dinner plate. If you have 5 to 7 spoonfuls on that plate, you are full, especially if there is a little graze to start and a cupcake to finish.” Also, pay attention to special requests, such as vegetarian or gluten-free options for those with specific dietary needs.

Should you decorate or not?

That is the question. Watching a whole pile of decorations getting scraped in a bin for a landfill post-event is disheartening. Think eco options of fresh, festive garlands like olive or holly, or purchase a handful of good quality decorations and reuse them yearly. I like wiping my decorations clean with warm water and winter pine essential oil with a divine Christmassy scent!

This year, Christmas is too easy!

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